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Living Lab 2 Black Sea

Second Living Lab focuses on strategies for better governance of PFAS

Hosted by partner Black Sea NGO Network, the workshop called ‘Designing strategies for better governance of persistent chemicals in the Black Sea basin’, brought together stakeholders from several countries in the region. These represented research institutes, government bodies, industries and NGOs, who worked together to explore the opportunities for reducing the load of a specific […]

SOS-ZEROPOL2030 organised its first living lab

Discussions focused on two distinct groups of PFAS used in the production process and in medical products: Fluoropolymers used in products including medical textiles, implants, tubes, catheters, diagnostic laboratory tests, and F-gases used in products such as anaesthetics and inhalers. The event created a dynamic space for the participants to come together, following the principles […]

New SOS-ZEROPOL2030 report: The EU Governance Landscape For Zero Marine Pollution

This report is the second deliverable coming out of Work Package 2, which looks at the building blocks for zero pollution governance and provides an overview of Zero Pollution governance in the EU. The first report: The EU Zero Pollution Ambition was published in May 2023, and gains insight into the feasibility of the EUs […]

Second General Assembly strengthens collaboration and partnership

The second general assembly for the SOS-ZEROPOL2030 project took place in October 2023. The meeting brought together the project consortium of 10 European institutions across 8 countries with expertise in fundamental and applied natural sciences, social sciences and human behaviour. The project partner Research Institute for Sustainability hosted the meeting in Potsdam, Germany.   Project […]

Blog: International Workshop on Marine Debris and Microplastic Pollution

By Andy Booth, Chief Scientist at SINTEF Ocean   From 29th – 31st May 2023, an International Workshop on Marine Debris and Microplastic Pollution took place in Thiruvananthapuram in the Indian state of Kerala. Over 50 PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and scientists from across the whole of India travelled to Thiruvananthapuram to participate in the […]

Blog: Brief from the Second Session of Negotiations (INC-2) on a Treaty to End Plastic Pollution

By: Emily Cowan, researcher at SINTEF Ocean “When we listen to nature and we act, we can make progress” – Victor Hugo Between May 29th – June 2nd, 2023 – in the heart of Paris, at the premises of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The second round of negotiations (INC-2) commenced on […]

D2.1 The EU Zero Pollution Ambition report SOS-ZEROPOL2030

Our new report ‘The EU Zero Pollution Ambition’ is now out, providing an extensive overview of the policy documents and legislation that make up the environmental pollution framework in Europe. The work is led by the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). In 2021 the European Commission adopted the EU Action Plan: Towards Zero Pollution for Air, […]

EU funded project Source to Seas kicks off

Marine contamination and pollution occur as a direct result of human activities on both land and in the marine environment. Instances of marine pollution require urgent attention as healthy and clean seas provide numerous ecosystem services (e.g. food, oxygen production, climate regulation), which are critical for our survival and wellbeing. Given the complex and interconnected […]

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