WP3: Zero Pollution Living Labs

The overarching aim of WP3 is to assemble research teams with relevant stakeholder groups, to synthesize knowledge from different fields of expertise and validate scenarios, closely coordinated with the ‘source to sink’ analysis (WP4) and scenario development process (WP4).


Lead institution: Wageningen University



• To operationalize the living lab methodology and to organize joint knowledge production with relevant stakeholder groups and set up, maintain and coordinate the Living Labs;
• To facilitate an iterative process between WP4 activities and the joint knowledge production in the Living Labs;
• To test and compliment the WP4 integrated assessment with field experiences and formulate future pathways to achieve zero pollution for three EU regional seas;

• To assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of regional scenarios towards zero pollution with stakeholder groups;
• To ensure that the main outputs of WP3 are fed into the Living Lab Parliament in WP5.


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