Source to Seas
Zero Pollution 2030

SOS-ZEROPOL2030 is funded by the European Union to develop a holistic framework

towards ending pollution in European seas by 2030

‘Source to Seas – Zero Pollution 2030’ (SOS-ZEROPOL2030)  is developing a holistic zero pollution framework to guide the process towards achieving zero pollution in European seas by 2030.


SOS-ZEROPOL2030 will co-design, co-produce, and co-deliver a stakeholder lead European Seas zero-pollution framework that provides practical guidance from source to sea addressing shortcomings in marine pollution management and governance.


This holistic approach is based on best practice, emphasis human behaviour, socioeconomics and governance; and is underpinned by understanding of current barriers to effective and efficient prevention, reduction, mitigation and monitoring of marine pollution in European Seas. 

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Programme: Horizon Europe 2.6 – Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources,

Agriculture and Environment

Type of Action: Coordination and Support Actions

Duration: 1 September 2022 – 31 August 2026

Consortium: 10 partners in 8 countries

Coordinator: MaREI, University College Cork

Total Budget: €3.0 Million


  1. To better understand the barriers that compromise successful marine pollution management and stakeholder participation
  2. To capitalise upon best practices concerning the implementation of sustainable and effective measures that address marine pollution
  3. To engage stakeholders through a joint knowledge production 
  4. To provide practical guidelines
  5. To co-develop a practical roadmap that will guide the blue green transition needed    
  6. To generate societal impact and raise widespread awareness of how marine pollution can be addressed

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SOS-ZEROPOL2030 report: feasibility of reaching EU pollutant targets for four priority pollutants currently 'challenging'

New report ‘The EU Zero Pollution Ambition’ gains insight into feasibility of proposed EU Environmental goals and targets, and provides ‘stepping stones’ for improving governance. Read more here...

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